Viburnum Opulus Geulder Rose Hedging

Viburnum Opulus Geulder Rose  Hedging

Viburnum Opulus Guelder Rose Hedging FREE DELIVERY

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Viburnum Opulus Guelder Rose 60-100cm Bare Root Hedging

Guelder Rose has something for every season but perhaps its most attractive feature is its prolific dropping juicy transluscent red berries from September onwards (and sometimes earlier) which stay on the plant until after its leaves have dropped. The berries are slightly harmful to humans but relished by birds. The Guelder Rose also has most attractive fragrant dense clusters of lacecap-like flowers in June/July. In Autumn its foliage turns a fabulous red colour. Its also wildlife friendly - there are 17 identified insect types associated with the Guelder Rose.

To get good berries, the plant must flower first, so prune out old growth after flowering to encourage new stems that will bloom the following year. This species is considered self pollinating so it should be ok as a single plant in a mixed hedge, but if possible, have more than one Guelder Rose so that you're certain of pollenation to provide good fruiting.

Guelder Rose is good on most soils (other than very acid), and it does like a fertile soil so add organic mulch annually if possible. It performs best in sunlight, it also does well in light shade. It is particularly good in moist ground and wont like a dry situation.

Excellent for feeding and encouraging the birds in the winter.

Plant 4 per metre in a staggered row (in a double row 50cm apart and the rows 30cm apart). Clipping the top leader on planting to encourage bushy growth. 
Dig a reasonable hole and plant with either some rose or tree compost or any organic matter (but not fresh manure, well rotted is fine) and plant with some bone meal or fish, blood and bone as this will encourage quick root growth. Do not water once planted (unless the ground is very dry), so the plant will find it's own water (make it work for it's water, creating strong root growth)

Guelder Rose once established will grow anything between 20cm-45cm per year.

Bare root hedging plants 60-100cm tall 
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