Small Trees

Small Trees

Choosing a garden tree can be a daunting prospect and most are just far too big. We have narrowed the choose down to a sutable selection of moderate to small trees. These varieties and more can be found on our small tree bed here at Preston Bissett Nurseries.


Small Trees

 Acer campestre 10-15m (field maple)

Acer palmatum (varieties) Japanese Maple 5-10m

Amelanchier alnifolia 'Obelisk' 1.5m-2.5m

Amelanchier Canadensis 4-8m

Amelanchier lamarckii  8-12m

Amelanchier lamarckii 'rainbow pillar' 5-7m

Arbutus unedo 5-10m (Strawberry tree)


Betula Youngii 5-10m


Cercus canadensis 5-10m

Contoneaster varieties most 5-10m evergreen varieties available

Cornus Kousa 4-8m (In every Chelsea Flower Show garden!)

Cornus Florida 4-8m

Cornus controversa 12m in 50 years (wedding cake tree, needs a little shelter)

Corylus 3-5m

Corylus avellana Contorta 3-5m Corkskrew hazel

Cratagus persimilis (Hawthorne) 4-8m Cratagus varieties similar size.

Cystus battandieri 2.5-4m Pinapple tree/broom

Davidia Involucrata Vilmoriniana Tree (Handkerchief Trees) 10-15m

Euonymus Red Cascade 3-5m

Fagus sylvatitica 12m (common beech)

Fagus sylvatitica Purple Fountain (8m)

Fagus syl. Dawycks Purple 12m (not wide growing)

Ilex aquifolium

Liquidamba styraciflua Lane Roberts 10-15m

Magnolia 3-5m

Malus Royal Beauty (3m)

Malus Royalty (4m)

Morus alba pendula (Weeping White Mulbery) 5-10m


Parrotia persica I(ron wood) 5-10m Best autumn colour

Paulownia Tomentosa Tree (Fox Glove tree) 5m

Phyllostachys aureo (Bamboo) 3-5m

Phyllostachys nigra (Bamboo) 3-5m

Prunus Amanogawa 5-10m A column tree.

Prunus Okame 5-7m

Prunus Triloba 3m Flowering almond (slow growing)

Prunus sargentii  (best autumn colour) 5-10m

Prunus serrula (best bark) 5-10m

Prunus xsubhiitella (flowers through winter) 5-10m

Prunus varieties many are

Sorbus Eastern Promise  4-8 Good autumn colour variety, Pink berries.

Sorbus Olympic Flame 4-8 Good autumn colour variety,  orange/red berries

Syringa (Lilac)

Taxus (Yew)

Viburnum carlesii  (1.5-2.5m)

Viburnum cephalum (1.5-2.5)

Viburnum opulus (2.5m) Snowball tree







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