Fruit Tree Sizes

Fruit Tree Sizes
12L Bush  

These are grown with a 45 cm clear stem, caned with a central leader and well developed side branches. They are summer pruned to form a well balanced and shaped head. This also stimulates maximum flowering the following spring. 
12L Half Standard 

Grown in the field for 2 years with the final year in container. A clear stem of 1 metre is produced with a well shaped head above. This is a traditional tree for gardens as a classic lawn tree to allow easy mowing and/or companion planting beneath. 

12L Traditional Cordons 

Grown in the field for 2 years with the final year in container. This growing cycle involves 6 spur prunings to produce multiple fruiting spurs for maximum flower and fruit production in the year of delivery.  


This section generally contains the more specialist fruit items such as hazel and filberts and smaller size options on medlars and mulberries. 

11.5L Patio Fruit Trees 

Shaped by summer pruning to produce a compact bush proportional to the pot size. Only the natural dwarf forms are used or worked on very dwarf rootstocks such as M27 (apple), Quince C (pear) and Gisela 5 (cherry). 
10L Step Overs 

This form of trained tree is not new as it was often a familiar sight in Victorian gardens. With the use of modern dwarf rootstocks such as M27 for apples and Quince C for pears this form of lawn and border fruit tree is ideal for the smaller modern garden. They are offered in 10L pots with an appropriate cane framework and will produce fruit in the first year of planting. 
12L Trained Fruit 

A choice of fan or espalier shapes complete with a specially designed ‘A’ frame cane support. Fans have minimum of 5 shoots and espalier a minimum  of 2 tiers with a central leader.  All trees are summer pruned before leaving the nursery to develop shape and fruit bud. 

Maidens are one year trees from 1m to 2m depending on variety and rootstock influence. Some varieties feather well and more information can be supplied on application. The more dwarf the rootstock the fewer feathers are produced. 

Topped at 75cm as maiden trees and grown on in the second year to produce a well formed head on a clean stem. 

Two year trees with a trained central leader, spur pruned twice during the growing season to produce well developed spurs for immediate flowering. 
Half Standard  

Topped at 1.3m for a clear stem of 1m supporting a well branched head. 
Straight Lead  

A two year feathered tree with a straight stem, ideal for growing on into a standard. 


Topped at 2m with a clear stem of 1.75m and a well formed and proportioned head.

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