Fruit Tree Pollination Explained

Fruit Tree Pollination Explained

Fruit Tree Pollination Explained

Apples & Pears
Most suburban situations provide good pollen due to the close proximity of other gardens.  It is not always necessary to have pollinators if the bees and other pollinating insects are generous with their visits.

Triploid varieties are poor pollinators for any other variety.  They should be accompanied by two compatible varieties that pollinate each other, or one self-fertile variety that flowers at the same time as
the triploid.


Most varieties these days are self fertile.

Due to pollen incompatibilities pollination of non self fertile varieties is not obvious so for clarity we have listed some varieties below :
Bradbourne Black :    Pollinated by Sunburst
Colney :                        Pollinated by Stella or Sunburst
Early Rivers :               Pollinated by Merton Glory, Stella or Noir de Guben
Merton Glory :             Pollinated by Stella or Sunburst
Noir de Guben :         Pollinated by Colney, Merton Glory or Early Rivers
Penny :                        Pollinated by any Self Fertile variety
Sylvia :                         Pollinated by Celeste or Regina
Van :                            Pollinated by Lapins or Vega
Vega :                         Pollinated by Lapins or Stella

Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots
All varieties are self fertile.

Malus Crab Apples

These are a very useful range of trees where many varieties will pollinate apples.  Of particular use are Golden Hornet, Evereste, Golden Gem, Red Sentinel and Liset.

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