Crocosmia Lucifer Montbretia

Crocosmia Lucifer Montbretia
  • Crocosmia Lucifer Montbretia
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Crocosmia Lucifer Montbretia

Crocosmias produce dense clumps of upright iris like foliage and in midsummer this makes a good background for the small profuse flowers.  Lucifer  is an aptly named variety because its flowers are the hottest coloured of all - a searing paprika red. These contrast well with the fresh green sword like foliage. It has great vigour and produces imposing clumps in the late summer border.

Although it will grow well in shade, it will bloom much better in a sunny position. It flowers for a long period of time, well into late summer. The spear like foliage adds a wonderful contrast to the more traditional leaf shapes. It is 4 feet tall but self supporting; no need to be staked.
It grows true from seed and will self seed if allowed.

Some people still refer to crocosmias as montbretia. This name comes from the French botanist Monsieur de Montbret, but the correct term is definitely crocosmia from the Greek krokos, meaning saffron and osme meaning smell, alluding to the saffron scent given off by the dried flowers when placed in water.

We will send 9cm or 1litre pots depending on availability at time of order.

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