Blackcurrant Ben Sarek 3.5L Pot

Blackcurrant Ben Sarek 3.5L Pot
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Blackcurrant Ben Sarek

Blackcurrants were traditionally used only for jams, pies and puddings and they tasted great. More recently there are varieties the size of small grapes (Big Ben) which are tasty eaten by themselves with ice cream or cream. Mixed with other fruit they are delicious. An easy crop to grow in the garden, they are however expensive in the supermarkets. Home grown they are almost free and packed full of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Cropping in July to August. Plant 1.5 Metres apart. Plant blackcurrants firmly and deeply so that good strong growth will come from the base.

Compact growth making it an ideal choice for the smaller garden. Heavy crops of large fruits ready for picking in mid July.

This variety has frost and mildew resistance so a good choice for colder sites

The plants are grown in a 3.5 litre pot

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