Autumn Planting

Autumn Planting

Find out what Autumn Planting is all about plus step by step instructions.


What is autumn planting all about?

We plant in the autumn largely because plants are relatively dormant above ground. It is less stressful to be planted when you are not doing very much! It is also the best time of year to relocate any plants if you are not happy with their position.

The Science

In the autumn soil is hopefully moist allowing the plants plenty of opportunity to root and become established. The root system is responsible for obtaining water and nutrients. These are transported via the veins to the leaves, before they are expected to photosynthesise (convert water and carbon dioxide absorbed through the pores on the underside of the leaves via the chemical reaction, triggered by absorbed light, into sugar i.e. food) and grow in the warmth of late spring and summer.

Plants in containers

Container grown plants can be planted at any time of year because they have a contained root system, but the optimum time to plant is in the autumn (or early spring) .This gives the roots the maximum time to establish their own ground and find water and nutrients  before the growing season.

Autumn is the ideal time to plant trees shrubs, perennials, virtually everything!

How To Plant :


Bone meal
Soil conditioner
Rose Tree and Shrub Compost

Pre soak the plant roots. Dig a hole as big as the rootball and half again. Fork the base of the hole to loosen the earth for the root to bury into with least effort. Line it with soil conditioner or some good compost equivalent. Add a handful of bone meal (lime loving plants),

When the plant goes in the hole pack the soil around the roots fairly firmly. Don’t leave large pockets of air which tend to become sour.

Once planted drench the roots. This means use a bucketful! Return a few days later and drench again. The plant should establish.

Constant watering is to be avoided as it encourages the roots to come up, not go down and find water independantly. We want the anchor root to secure itself in the ground for the plants stability.

The greater the care and effort we put into planting the greater the chance of a quicker and stronger establishment.
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