Apple Worcester Pearmain Espalier | Trained Apple Tree

Apple Worcester Pearmain Espalier | Trained Apple Tree
  • Apple Worcester Pearmain Espalier | Trained Apple Tree

Worcester Pearmain Espalier | Trained Apple Tree

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Worcester Pearmain Espalier | Trained Apple Tree

Please Note : These  trees are despatched from mid-August until early-June.

Espalier trained fruit trees are grown in the fields for two years with pre training in year 2 followed by a third year as container grown with further training.  They are grown on a specially designed A frame cane support and have a minimum two tiers with a central leader.  All trees come in a 12 litre container and are summer pruned before leaving the nursery to develop shape and fruit bud.

Worcester Pearmain eating apple trees have a reliable crop of delicious orange-red fruit.  The firm juicy flesh is very sweet with a strong strawberry flavour.

Our espalier trained trees are approx. 1.6m wide and 1.5m tall.  The measurement from the base of the tree to the first tier is approx. 35cm and the tiers are approx. 45cm apart.

Picking  time September.

Rootstock MM106 - Semi Vigorous.

Tree planting kit available

Other rootstocks available please email for details.
Please call the shop for a delivery quotation


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