Apple Blenheim Orange Dwarf 1.6 metres tall

Apple Blenheim Orange Dwarf 1.6 metres tall
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Apple Blenheim Orange - 1.6 metres tall
A Dwarf Apple Tree

This apple is grown on a M27 rooting stock and will grow to 2 metre in height.

We are offering a very good branched tree that is 1.6 metres tall

Blenheim Orange was first found as a seedling growing close to Blenheim Palace in about 1740 although it found fame later when its name was changed from Kempsters Seedling to Blenheim Orange.

It is such a good apple that it was grown widely on both sides of the Atlantic from then until the 1930s when heavier cropping new varieties were planted commercially.

Blenheim Orange as an eater has a lovely flavour, slightly nutty, that goes tremendously well with cheese. We think that flavour improves when the apple is cooked and very few apples make an Apple Charlotte as well as a Blenheim Orange.

This is a handsome apple, flushed red/orange, sometimes with stripes all on a yellow green skin. The skin on some Blenheim Orange apples can have little golden blown spots and markings. The flesh is white and slightly crumbly - which is why it cooks so well. The apples come late, keep well and are best used between October and December. These can also be a bit slow fruiting young trees - can be shy to start, but as they age they crop very heavily indeed.

Blenheim Orange carries fruit both on spurs and on the tips of branches. Thinning at the fruitlet stage is important as it helps ensure even cropping every year. It flowers in mid-season and is triploid which means it both needs pollination and cannot pollinate other apples.

The plant is grown in a 10 litre pot and is approx 1.60 metres tall.

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